Treatment. Anytime. Anywhere.

Telemedicine is a new and quickly changing field of clinical medicine by which medical services are provided to geographically distant people via the Internet.  Our patients in Okeechobee, for example, can come to an office visit in our Okeechobee office, have labs run, vitals checked and then speak directly with our team of  physicians without having to travel east.  Telemedicine can be used by our patients to offer general medical advice, triage, and to help manage long-term chronic conditions.

Telemedicine can range from the simple example of a telephone call, to something more complex which involves video conferencing and other technical solutions to facilitate detailed communication and the sharing of information.

The idea of caring for a patient who is not present – such as two doctors comparing notes, or a phone consultation, is known as in absentia care. It is an age-old practice, and it is something that is still an important part of medical provision today. Telemedicine has simply made it a lot easier. It also offers a way for people with chronic conditions to feel empowered about managing their conditions, which can be valuable for improving treatment adherence.

Telemedicine can make the experience of visiting a doctor much more convenient.