Free On-Site Testing- STDs, HIV and HEP C

Midway Specialty Care Center (MSCC) provides FREE education classes, outreach and testing for the public and patients in an on-site, outside the clinic, role in the HIV Testing Program as an extension of the St. Lucie County Health Department and Florida Department of Health’s HIV Testing Outreach initiative.

MSCC is also able to do free STD testing at your site, as well as test for Hepatitis C. All of these tests are done in a rapid form, with results in under 20 minutes.

Our goal is to test 1,200 people in St. Lucie County per year. We need your help to offer this FREE test to your employees as a group or for other practices, to your patients.

  • Testing Initiative Program requires a large portion of testing to be done in a “diverse collection” of the public.
  • A majority of any HIV (+) positive cases through this testing will receive care by award-winning physician Dr. Moti Ramgopal, MD FACP FIDSA CPI, at the 501(c)3 Midway Specialty Care Center. Now, this testing initiative allows for us to begin contact with the patient from day one.
  • You will have a dedicated contact person from day one when finding out if you face a life-threatening disease.
  • MSCC will give access to current enrolling clinical trials to all patients receiving care who qualify. This gives patients access to potentially free medicine. We have a full-time team dedicated to finding innovative fully-funded care for local residents.
  • For recovery centers or for support groups or even high-risk employees, we provide free 30 minute on-site education on the latest in STD prevention and treatment, so your employees or clients are educated.
  • All of our testing specialists have decades of experience in treating infectious diseases.

Testing and Counseling Contacts:
To come in for a FREE private test, come to our office at 346 Midway Road from Monday-Friday 9-5 pm. Let the front desk know you would like a free test. It’s that simple!

To schedule testing at your workplace or office, contact:
Vanneza at (772) 342-2116